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Character Reference : Reiha by Darkavey Character Reference : Reiha :icondarkavey:Darkavey 412 15
Let's Dance Together.
Male!Reader x Yang Xio Long: Sequel/Final 
For those who are new to this story, please read the first part before you read this: Let's Dance.
  Yang was walking down the streets of Vale. She was thinking about the events that took place a few nights ago at Junior's club. She thought of the way you danced with her on the dance-floor before the real "dance". She couldn't help but smile with a small blush. That was when her scroll rung.
"Hello!" She answered her scroll only to blush a little when she heard your voice.
"Sup, Yang." You greeted her and Yang was smiling brightly. You were at your house in your room, dancing of course to some music while listening for songs and music that could be of use to your semblance. Not all songs would be of use to your semblance, so you always looked for the one's th
:iconneonshadow89:neonshadow89 83 25
Let's Dance.
   Male!Reader x Yang Xio Long

       It was nighttime in the city if Vale. Working at a nightclub wasn't so bad for you. You loved the idea to be honest. You got to listen to good music, receive good payment, and free drinks. You decided to work here a few months back so you could earn a little side Lien, but you were gonna quit since you would be attending Beacon Academy soon. Things were going just fine in Junior's Club. Everyone was having a good time. The selection of the music would bring anyone to dance. People were dancing, drinking, chatting, having fun, and anything else people would do at a nightclub. You were dancing among the crowd to the addictive beat of the song. Your friend was a EDM producer, so you got the DJ to play one of his songs as a shout out to him which sent the clubbers wild. It was something you couldn't control. You act and perform a bit better with mu
:iconneonshadow89:neonshadow89 115 91
Mature content
Male Salem guardian reader x RWBY part 1 :iconmiragemc1:miragemc1 24 5
Cheater!??? x JadenYuki!Reader x Salem - Prologue

I’m in a pretty negative mood right now, so this will be short. You could thank USPS for that because I had to redeliver my Yu-Gi-Oh cards because the first time, I wasn’t there because of school. I don’t understand why they couldn’t just drop if off at my front door, like EVERYONE ELSE! I had the redelivery date for today and they didn’t even SHOW UP! $420 wasted…I barely have time to leave my house to go to the post office if you’re asking me ‘why not go to the post office?’ Cheating fic, so decide who cheats on you so you could go to Salem.
Cheater!??? x JadenYuki!Reader x Salem: The Supreme King and Queen - Prologue
Third Person POV
???: F/N, stop this!
Salem: *laughs* He’s embraced what I have shown him! Far more than what you’ll ever do!
F/N: Neos, strike her down! NOW!
Salem: She’s the only thing that ties you to your past m
:iconpopdood:popdood 23 53
JadenYuki!Reader x Salem - Chapter 2

Oh man, I forgot that Evil HERO monsters existed! Speaking of HERO archetypes, anybody down for AsterPhoenix!Reader x Weiss? (An actual rich person Weiss likes.) Short one because it’s mostly a transition chapter
Cheater!Weiss x JadenYuki!Reader x Salem: The Supreme King and Queen - Chapter 2
I walked back to the dorm room that belongs to me since I was in a league of my own, according to Ozpin on initiation day. My mind felt melted like those eggs on ‘your brain on drugs’ commercials. I could dismiss what she showed me as falsified, but it just felt so real that I had to find out myself, so Weiss wasn’t the person to go to as she would hide something like that, so I think I’ll go to Coco and Yang for that kind of info tomorrow as I’m feeling pretty drained, maybe because of that adrenaline I had with Salem.
~Timeskip with Winged Kuriboh LV10 shenanigans~
I walked over to th
:iconpopdood:popdood 13 10
JadenYuki!Reader x Salem - Chapter 1

Weiss wins because you all think she’s a cheater. I’m not disputing the choice, but why do you all think that? In second place was Coco with ONE VOTE AWAY FROM TIEING.
Cheater!Weiss Schnee x JadenYuki!Reader x Salem: The Supreme King and Queen - Chapter 1
Third Person POV
Let’s take it back to where his path down to The Supreme King of Remnant started. F/N and Weiss had been in a relationship for over 6 months and in that time, F/N had managed to get the approval from ALL of the Schnee family to be able to date her and that is no easy task. He seemed to have the best of luck when doing everything for Weiss, only because he wanted to dedicate his everything to her, but on this day was the day Remnant and the Maiden’s fates were sealed…
I can’t wait to give Weiss her favorite flowers that I learned from her mom and some chocolates. It’s stereotypical, but it works. As I was walking tow
:iconpopdood:popdood 18 22
INKtober2017.Day17 : Red Monika by Kme INKtober2017.Day17 : Red Monika :iconkme:Kme 99 0
RWBY AU: Death Note Male Reader Insert. Chapter 1
I’m surprised on how much support the last chapter got. It’s crazy, thank you!
Comment down below if you would like to see me continue this. I would be happy to continue writing this and posting more chapters in the future.
Without further delay, here’s the next chapter.
Chapter 1 : “G”
I’m currently in Professor Oobleck’s class. We’re reading from our history textbooks. I’m currently not paying much attention to him reading the assignment out loud. But regardless, I’m still following by giving him and the textbooks quick glances.
“He found himself overwhelmed with happiness and satisfaction” Oobleck says.
I could hear a familiar girl and boy talking with a rabbit faunus completely ignoring the lecture. “Have you’ve guys heard what they’ve said about Cardin?” The girl, also known as my ex-girlfriend Coco Adel, says as I eavesdr
:iconthenessy21:TheNessY21 13 9
Shine On, Phantom Thieves! - Chapter 3

So, should your child be canonically a son or a daughter? For future use. Also, if you want, you can name your child.
~Welcome to Shujin Academy Part 1~
Third Person POV
Ryuji: Ready to show them a good time Y/n?
Y/n: Don’t say it like that ever again…
Ryuji/Y/n: Captain Kidd! / Star Platinum!
Y/n: Time to teach you how violent this dog can get you vulgar little shit! Star Platinum!
Y/n: Hey, you ever watched tennis before?
Ryuji: Yeah, but why are you--*smirks* I see your plan.
Y/n: *smirks* Let’s see who’s faster.
Captain Kidd: I’ll take on yer challenge, Star Platinum
Captain Kidd then turns his ship so that the starboard cannons are facing Star Platinum, as Star Platinum launched Kamoshida’s Golden Knight was being bounced around an
:iconpopdood:popdood 9 12
Assassin-Elizabeth by Rotix102 Assassin-Elizabeth :iconrotix102:Rotix102 138 3
Velvet x Male reader! Memories Shattered! Part 3
I'm happy you all like it! ONTO THE READ!
It was another beautiful morning at Beacon.  It was your first night away from Atlas.  It was weird, you admit, but they had some pretty comfy beds, you were kinda jealous.  That said, you get changed and meet Ironwood in Ozpin's office.
Ironwood: Good morning (y/n), sleep well?
(y/n): Like a rock, it was amazing! Their beds are WAYYY comfier than ours... sir..
Ironwood: I see...Well, at least you're honest about it.
(y/n): I'm just saying.
Ozpin: Anyway... I'm glad to see you rested.  
(y/n): Thank you sir. 
Ozpin: Please, just call me Ozpin
(y/n): Yes sir...Ozpin.
Ironwood: Alright, I've got a tight schedule today (y/n), but I've got nothing for you.  Just hang loose I guess.
(y/n): I've never experienced "loose" before in my life.  What do I do?
Ozpin just laughed.
Ozpin: Well you've certainly kept him on a tight leash.
(y/n): Tell me about it
Ironwood: (y/n).
(y/n): What? I'm just saying.
Ironwood: Anyway,
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 79 15
Velvet x Male reader! Memories Shattered! Part 2
I'm happy so many people enjoyed the first part! ONTO THE READ!
You spent everyday working harder as a combat teacher, officer, and trainer.  Weeks went by, and your students seemed to like you more and more.  Even though you were the same age, and you yelled at them sometimes.  It was out of respect.  You wanted all of them to be the best student they could be! (damn, you really sound like a teacher huh xD) One day after class, you stayed in the training facility and going at it with one of the many new punching bags.  You were listening to music on your scroll, shirt off, gym shorts on.  Since you were listening to music, you didn't hear ALL of your students walking back in the facility...
(y/n): 1, 2! 1, 2!
Female student#1: Is it just me, or does Mr. (y/n) have a nice body
Female student#2: I'll say... I can't believe he's our age too!
Male student#1: Whatever, can we just get this over with? He'll probably kick our asses if he sees us all in here.
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 80 7
Velvet x Male reader! Memories Shattered! Part 1
Velvet won! Only by a few votes, so Pyrrha will be up next! I've been looking forward to doing this one for soooooo long! I hope you all enjoy!!  
You only remember as far back as 6 years old, when you woke up in a bed, with burns and scratches looking at a man with black hair with slight grayness on the sides.  He said his name was James Ironwood, and asked you who you were.  You thought for a little bit and couldn't remember...Thankfully, you had a train ticket with your name on it in your pocket... Your name was (y/n), unfortunately, your last name was smudged.  He wasn't sure why you didn't remember anything. So he took you to see a doctor.  Sure enough, it was amnesia... The doctor wasn't sure if you'd ever get your memory back... James Ironwood said he would put your name out to the public to see if anyone would claim you as their own... After about 2 weeks, nobody did, so he took you back to Atlas, asking if he could train you, so tha
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 128 19
Cinder x Male! Fire and Ice! Finale
Thank you all so much for reading! Do not worry! I will be continuing it for Volume 4, I just need to finish up the rest of the RWBY girls, and I'll start updating them to Volume 4...
Anyway, thank you all again! ONTO THE READ!
Winter: Night and Blue... Nubs and Boopy... It's the nicknames they go by...
(y/n): What kind of nicknames are those?
Night: Wow, that's nice of you.
You all turned around, you see Night and what looked like Blue.
Winter dashed into Night's arms, and she kissed him a few times.
Winter: Night! I missed you so much! Why didn't you tell me you were here?!
Night: I'm sorry Winter, Boop and I-
Winter: I understand... I'm so sorry about Sandy...
Blue put his head down.
Winter: How you holding up Boopy?
Blue: ...I'm alright... I'll make it through it.
(y/n): So this Sandy... She was a part of your team?
Night: Yeah...
Night looked at the ground.
Night then got a text on his scroll... And his ey
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 66 115
Cinder x Male! Fire and Ice! Part 9
Almost done! I'm a little sad it's almost over, but I hope you all have been enjoying this! Finale will be tomorrow!
Night: ...I need to have a chat with my sister.
Ironwood: Sister? You never mentioned you had a sister.
Night: I know... Regardless, I need to-
Ozpin: Perhaps you two should rest... After this long day, you two look like you could use the rest...
Night and Blue looked at each other.
Night: ...Alright... Thank you for the kind offer.
Ozpin: It's my pleasure...  
Ozpin then shows Night and Blue a room... Blue fell fast asleep... But Night... Night left, and started walking around campus.
Night: Where is that number?
Night was looking in his scroll.
Night: Ah... There he is.
Night texted the scroll number he got from Winter... It was your number...
You were sound asleep... Until your scroll vibrated... You slowly woke up, to see an unknown number.
??? (scroll message) : Meet me outside your dorm hall, now.
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 56 55




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